Valley Forge Safe

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Keep Valley Forge Safe (KVFS) was formed in 2009 as a coalition of people concerned about the U.S. National Park Service's Deer Management Plan for Valley Forge National Park.  Under the fifteen year plan, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deer would be killed by sharpshooters.

Wildlife populations use shelter and food to regulate their size. KVFS is not opposed to safe, effective and non-lethal solutions of wildlife management. It's concerned more with the question "You're going to use high-powered rifles in a metropolitan area bisected by a major state highway? You have got to be kidding! Stray bullets travel for miles. NPS admits their plan will cause deer/vehicle collisions. There must be a better way!" KVFS is determined to find it.














KFVS members comes from every political party, economic strata, and occupation. They are both city dwellers and farm folks. Why not come and join us? Rally alongside the hundreds of people who've already signed on to the effort to protect wildlife in Valley Forge National Park. "So," as they say, "come on in and look around awhile." You'll find membership and contact information on the following pages. We hope you like what you see...

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